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  • 2016-04-24
  • By Maurice Walker II
  • 65

Blogging for Fun and Money: Part 1 of Your Perfect Web Blogging Series

Blogging / E-Commerce

Passionate writers and wordsmiths need not be daunted by the growing influence, effect and power the Internet has gained since its birth (props to US DOD's DARPA in 1958). In fact writers should be further encouraged more than ever when it comes to disseminating their works to wider audiences! Your writings and poems and notes can forever be archived in the form of BLOGS on the world wide web today versus binded and scribed on paper to collect dust on the book shelves of avid readers with lives too busy for sitting down and nurturing a handheld novel nowadays...

Writing a blog to disseminate your most passionate textual/image content gives writers freedom to hone in and FOCUS ON CONTENT CREATION. The majority of work required to upkeep a blog and keep consistent traffic flux in & out of your site lies directly on the Writer's Passion to create unique, niche, keyword-packed, seo-friendly contents that drive users back to your site daily or even multi-daily.

An example of a blog that achieves the unique content objectives despite misdirecting the minds of youths in America unfortunately is Worldstarhiphop Blog. They have keen understanding and insight into their target user groups and hone their content for the youthful, vibrant, and "ratchet" generations Y & Z. They do not cater content for the older, conservative crowd or baby boomers. They target their particular niche groups, the youth, with the latest "ratchet" contents like new music videos by popular hip hop artists, artists' social media beefs, funny videos of people doing abnormal things for fame, and much more content that keeps the attention of young people.

I don't encourage writing the next blog to misguide the minds of youth in America at all, but I hope this example better explains how blogs are effective at bringing users and readers to the exact contents that keep them coming back to your website for more!

I hope this blog entry whets your whistle for blog writing and helps to stir the creative juices inside you to monetize all the great content ideas and writings you've been hoarding from your niche target audiences! Stay tuned to the Your Perfect Web blog for the next blog entry from the Blogging series coming very soon! I will explain monetizing your blog with Google AdSense/Amazon affiliates advertising, most catchy blog categories, partnering with other bloggers for promotion, and much more! See you soon!

Signing off:
Maurice Walker II