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  • 2015-12-15
  • By Maurice Walker II
  • 23

Search Engine Optimization simplified: Part 1 of Your Perfect Web SEO Series

SEO / Social Media

Want your website or web application or blog easily found on the web? How do you make your particular content most visible to those craving and yearning your content?
Search engine optimization is the answer!

Getting found easiest has most to do with your web pages' visibility to the major search engines: Google, Bing, and Yahoo but mainly GOOGLE! Your website must be keyword-rich, containing various forms of content, while utilizing SEO best practices to make content most visible to Google and Bing indexing spiders (search algorithms programmed by Google/Bing developers to peruse your web page's content/code/link structure to assess your Page Rank on search engine results pages or SERPs). Best search engine optimization practices can be categorized into the two following groups:

  1. SEO inside your web page copy (in the code)
  2. SEO outside your web page copy (outside the code)

Why is search engine optimization so important?

90% of ALL INTERNET TRAFFIC flows through the top search engines (with Google handling the lion share of this). It's imperative to submit your website to the top search engines if you want to have a fighting chance of getting found when users search for particular KEYWORDS inside of Google and Bing and Yahoo search.

I hope this blog post has enlightened you slightly in your understanding of the importance of SEO. Please stay tuned for future blog posts in the Your Perfect Web blog series titled Search Engine Optimization!

Signing off:
Maurice Walker II