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  • 2016-03-15
  • By Maurice Walker II
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Search Engine Optimization Part 2: Researching your Best Keywords and Key Phrases

SEO / Social Media

The key and foundation to any successful search engine optimization campaign is the strength of keywords and key phrases placed within and without your web content. Web pages with high SEO are optimized on varieties of keywords and key phrases - the more unique the phrase or term, the easier and less competitive it is to rank highly on SERPs or search engine results pages.

These words need to occur in the context of your pages 15% of the time. You will need multiple keywords and key phrases to cover the varying ways users may try to search and type those keywords into search engines; for example if your business sells Mouse Traps you will want to optimize on that term 'Mouse Traps' and also 'How To kill a mouse' since some people in your target audience may type queries in interrogatively.

There are a variety of tools created to assist developers and bloggers alike with keyword research and user group study. Remember your SEO is highly based on your users and the ways they think to search keywords in search engines to find your products. Keep differences in pronunciation and spelling of terms in mind; if your target audience is from a particular part of country that uses a term differently, you want to optimize on the vernacular version and correct version (according to proper definition in dictionary) to cover queries for your main audience and those who don't use that term in a special way with purposeful misspelling.

Use these keyword researching tools to build a strong search engine optimization plan:

  1. Google Keywords External Tool
  2. Free SEO Keywordtool.io tool
  3. Majestic SEO keyword tools

Take time to fully vet all possible keywords and phrases to optimize on since this list will help build your textual content not just your web page but also your social media profiles and external blogs synced and back-linked to your original website.

I hope this blog post has enlightened you slightly in your understanding of the importance of SEO. Please stay tuned for future blog posts in the Your Perfect Web blog series titled Search Engine Optimization!

Signing off:
Maurice Walker II